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Østersøens Brænderi Bornholm

This is the story of one man’s dedication to the development of premium liquor and the revival of proud traditions on the island of Bornholm, where in former times the islanders had a right to distill spirits by Royal Privilege. In 2017 this resulted in the founding of Østersøens Brænderi - Baltic Sea Distillery.

Martin Kofoed, the founder, product developer, and distiller, was born in Bornholm and grew up on the island. His life-long love affair with the history of Bornholm and its landscapes, ranging from dramatic rock formations to long white beaches, has him spending much of his spare time outdoors, looking for inspiration for his products.

Tradition is important to us, but we also explore the bounty of nature in Bornholm and develop new ways in which to create our products, which are all developed, distilled, and bottled in small batches in beautiful old surroundings in the distillery, which is situated in the old abattoir in Rønne, the islands main city.

Quality is a priority with us, and our ambition is to be among the top small craft distilleries. Therefore we use only the best ingredients in our products, and we have the allowance from the Danish Nature Agency to gather herbs from their land on Slotslyngen (the Castle Heath) in North Bornholm. In particular, the junipers for our Island Terroir Gin are found in the beautiful juniper forest around the “Finnens Top” (Finne’s Hill).

Founder Martin Kofoed

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