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Østersøens Brænderi Bornholm



Situated in Torvehal Bornholm (Borholm’s Marketplace) we are surrounded by all the best products to be had on the island. The place is teeming with creativity, and our interaction with the café when it comes to tastings for instance, makes for fantastic surroundings to work in.

With the Café in the Marketplace we are able to arrange tastings especially tailored to your particular wishes. If you are planning an event for your employees or a club, do not hesitate to ask us for an estimated price. Just write to [email protected]

Østersøens Brænderi ApS

Gartnervangen 6 - C/O Torvehal Bornholm

3700 Rønne - Bornholm, Danmark

CVR: 41173882

[email protected]